Electrical Inspections Whangarei and Northland

Our electrical inspectors are fully qualified to provide a wide range of electrical inspections promptly and cost effectively throughout the Whangarei and Northland region. Our team are one of the few that are North Power approved to work on their network, we can help you with your electrical project from start to finish.





EWOF - An electrical warrant of fitness (EWOF) is a certification showing you and others that you motorhome, caravan or boat is electrically safe.


Under NZ law, caravan/holiday parks and marinas will require a current EWOF before supplying you with a  powered site. An EWOF is valid for 4 years.


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Certificate Of Verification (COV)

COV - Certificate Of Verification for premises that have been disconnected for the grid for more than 6 months. A COV is required before reconnection.


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PV Solar - Solar inspection occurs at the end of the solar installation to confirm that it is installed, test and safe to liven.


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ROI- Record Of Inspections are required for high risk works as stated in applicable regulations.

(a) comprises or includes the installation, or adjustment of the settings, of any of the following:

(i) an extra-low or low voltage installation that does not, or will not, comply with Part 2 of AS/NZS 3000:

(ii) an installation that operates, or will operate, at high voltage (other than high voltage discharge lighting, high voltage mobile mining electrical equipment, and high voltage relocatable mining electrical equipment):

(iii) a mains parallel generation system in an installation:

(iv) a photovoltaic system in an installation:

(v) an installation that is, or will be, located in a hazardous area other than an ERZ0 or ERZ1:

(vi) an installation that is, or is intended, for use with electrical medical devices:

(vii) any fittings (including any neutral earth resistors and earth leakage circuit breakers) that—

    (a) control earth potential rise; and

    (b) are not part of any relocatable mining electrical equipment:

(viii) any fittings or appliances that are not part of any relocatable mining electrical equipment and are used or installed, or to be used or installed, in an ERZ0 or ERZ1:

    (b) is mains work on an installation:

    (c) is work on an installation’s animal stunning appliances or meat conditioning appliances:


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