The best heat pumps Northland has to offer:

Service, supply and maintenance

Keep your home at a comfortable temperature all year round: we service, supply and maintain heat pumps Northland wide, offering an excellent range of products and highly professional installations.  We are able to offer single heat pump units and multi room solutions, right up to ducted systems that supply full home temperature control. These units can be integrated with your hot water system for more energy efficient results, as well as tying in with a ventilation system to introduce fresh air at the same time. A truly warmer, drier, healthier home can now be achieved with our forward thinking technology.


Our range of heat pumps includes Mitsubishi and Panasonic, which we are able to supply at a very competitive price point, and we’re also happy to install and work with any brand of independently-purchased unit. We have a friendly team of qualified electricians who are happy to assess your home and provide recommendations on the best heat pump for your needs. 


Choosing the right heat pump – we can help!

The square footage of your space, combined with the layout of your home or office, will determine not only the power of the heat pump you will need, but also the possible locations to mount it. Where you place your heat pump will have a great impact on it’s efficiency and heating capability, therefore we highly recommend taking the time to speak with a qualified professional before proceeding. Selecting the right heat pump for your home or office will make all the difference to your comfort – and your wallet! Other considerations include the sound level of your heat pump, the functionality and – of course – the cost. We’re happy to work through your requirements, matching your practical needs with the perfect heat pump unit. 

Maintaining and servicing heat pumps throughout Whangarei and Northland

Keeping your heat pump in optimum working condition requires regular maintenance and correct usage. We can’t stress the importance of regular, scheduled maintenance highly enough: your new heat pump will come with a manufacturer’s warranty – but in order for this warranty to be honoured, owners need to follow specific regulations. The most important of these is that your heat pump must be installed by a qualified, registered electrician, and it will need to be regularly serviced according to the guidelines laid out within your documentation. Failing to follow the servicing guidelines could lead to a loss of functionality and the voidance of your warranty – which is a disastrous outcome for all involved! 


We provide regular, scheduled heat pump maintenance and servicing for all makes and models, giving peace of mind and ensuring optimum performance. We’ll travel throughout Whangarei and Northland to check, clean and replace your heat pump air filters as needed, we’ll keep the outdoor coils clean and clear of debris, and we’ll flush and drain the indoor condensate pan prior to using the air conditioning function. 


Get the most from your heat pump, talk to us first!


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